A division of the Xinjiang military region mass training force than ring formalism

In November 2018 09, 08:33 source: pla daily

Recently, the Xinjiang military region Lance Corporal Wang Hongcheng through layers of selection, as in the division of "almighty warrior" contest. The contest contest finalists, a number of new faces such as Wang Hongcheng replaced the previous "contest specialist". The teacher explained: "the leadership contest rules, players do not look at the qualifications, regardless of the age of the soldiers, not together top area, who will be able to win strong combat skills."

Extensive mass contest, is the teacher insisted on years of traditional training. At the end of last year, found that the Party committee of the division analysis training situation, some units of the contest did little to engage, but the training level is not obvious; some units. The momentum is not small, but the performance is general combat drills...... The reason is that some units to seek fame, figure caitou, disjointed contest and actual combat, no more than an actual effect.

This year, the division of breaking the peace long-standing activities exist in the competition between chronic Wuhan reflection analysis, around the "who, what and how" has organized 5 special subject research, improve the overall contest mode, to prevent the "do not see the effectiveness of training contest with vigour and vitality".

According to the previous contest players mostly "old faces", the basic events are "laosanyang" phenomenon, the division resolutely correct governance "is the only place on" "the only medal on the" adverse orientation, non stop training units, together with the top race preparation, selection and other assessment mode is determined for the contest. From the head office to the grass-roots class row, each men all have the opportunity to participate, or are likely to be random. Moutuan Colonel Jia Yousong introduced, this approach avoids the "minority, the majority of the officers and men to play the top match, forcing staff hard scouring.

Disconnect contest content and practical, is an important reason for the low efficiency of the competition. The division leader told reporters, in the past some units of the organization, but the scene looks great in strength and impetus contest on how to improve the effectiveness of training, not much. This year they are in accordance with the need to fight what is what "ideas, based on mission set games. In the "common point" project, a 300 meter track set up 8 courses, including multiple basic tactical action altitude combat, players after the game have lamented: less face to live, the actual taste.

With the enemy contest, close combat competition. The officer six shooting events by the fixed target "make the outcome, to complete the fixed target shooting with the tickets, or in irregular and random moving target shooting performance. The new rules of the tournament, at a fixed target shooting, last year's champion player was eliminated in the first round.

"It is no longer just finished, to fight further!" A machine step delegation immediately return any reflection, and strive to make the contest "error point" into combat "growth point". The division of the group winners back, have been designated as the battalion "Wu boss", the overall training unit. (Xu Bicheng)

(commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanzhi (Intern), Mi Jin)