The hospital ship peace ark after the visit to Dominica

In November 2018 09, 08:49 source: pla daily

The implementation of the "harmony -2018" task Chinese Navy hospital ship peace ark, 8, the successful conclusion of the Dominica friendly visit and medical services, to the next station in Ecuador. Many military officials, local people in the embassy charge d'affaires China a Buxin embassy staff and representatives of Chinese funded institutions, overseas Chinese in the dock farewell.

Visit the multi period, peace ark through the flexible adjustment of medical power and prolong the working time of the main platform to meet the needs of patients, treatment, diagnosis and treatment of 3417 total CT, DR and other auxiliary passengers, check the 2370 people, 24 people admitted to hospital, the surgery 23 patients. Peace ark medical experts also went to many hospitals and medical personnel to carry out multi discuss difficult cases and combined treatment, sharing of clinical experience, and in the hospital ship and natural medicine practitioners to carry out academic exchanges and technology exhibition of traditional Chinese medicine.

Many local media attention first to the peace ark, there have been 5 batch of 93 reporter interview board. Many TV stations, newspapers, broadcasts, websites have to be fully reported in the important period, important layout. Reported that very satisfied with the medical services of the Dominica peace ark with the hope of peace ark visited again. (Jiangshan history Kuiji)

(commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanzhi (Intern), Mi Jin)