A star weapon "carnival"

In November 2018 09, 08:58 source: pla daily

F -10B thrust vector machine to verify the stunning debut. Photo by Xu Xiaodan

The 12 th Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (referred to as Chinese airshow) held in Zhuhai International Exhibition Center from November 6 to 11 11, is a strong Aerospace culture feast.

Focus event, wonderful feeling. Please pay attention to China in the network, WeChat launched a public number of army newspaper reporter "Twelfth Chinese airshow" series of reports.

22 years ago, also in November, Zhuhai China. The people who put a small fishing village to the bay by the focus in the first 4000 meters long runway Chinese, first Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opening.

The curious crowds poured into the airport, to come around you heart according to legend this "could see that the flight performance, can really touch the plane" and "set".

Today, more than 700 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions gathered in Zhuhai, Fengtai gold, to show "Star" exhibits. High strength, high quality and high value products, Yan appearance, and exhibits a superb collection of beautiful things to attract more and more guests from all over the world.

Here, a variety of aircraft roaring, flapping in the sky in Zhuhai is riotous with colour dye. The sky became no boundaries big show, Chinese and foreign advanced aircraft turns onstage.

Here, the missile is low-key and restrained, he comes with fierce breathtaking temperament. The main but not fast breaking the hypersonic missile will encounter anti-ship missile "carrier killer".

Here, the UAV family ushered in a "blowout" appearance accumulate steadily. Nearly ten police hit one of the drones each carry a weapon, more intense competition; other sci-fi flying wing UAV is not large, thriving.

Here, the Marines sent weapons "armored corps" scene dynamic drag racing, and even to aerospace equipment. Crawler and wheeled armored all terrain vehicles, etc. the "iron beast" the vehicle demonstration into a long battle smoke.

Here, "eye" overlooking the battlefield. Early warning detection equipment covered "day armed combat system", in the third center sounded the assembly, quantum radar debut, the UAV system has attracted much attention......

Since 22 years, the aerospace "set" has turned into a star weapon "Carnival", a variety of sophisticated weapons and equipment, the development of the aerospace technology newest achievement, so the "zero distance" appears in front of.

Experts can explore doorways, can also watch the layman.

In trade, professional and ornamental. The China show has become a high level international event in the aerospace field. This "Carnival" rich "folk style", and filled with the trend of the international range of children, is not only the innovation of science and technology, the integration of military and civilian chorus, is the reform and opening up, across the stage of development.

"China Wind" is the "international range of children"

F -10B thrust vector machine to verify the blockbuster, f -20 fighter fleet to show off skills, "roc" -20 three on air show suction eye...... In 40th anniversary the reform and opening-up policy, a variety of "powers" to get together at the air show.

The show not only participating in the number of aircraft on the all-time record, is also the most "Chinese taste" one - many viewers commented airshow.

If, in the field of culture, national and international. So, in this unprecedented weapon "Carnival", Chinese waving "power advanced fighter wing," tell the world "China wind" and "the international range of children".

Today in Zhuhai, opened a "open" window to the world, not only show our aerospace field and national defense and army construction achievements, also shows that the sustained and steady development of the Chinese aerospace industry more and more confident and calm in the world.

Has just completed the first flight water amphibious aircraft "Kun dragon" AG-600 in Hubei, returned to Zhuhai fatigued with the journey "home". As one of the "big plane" Musketeers "Kun dragon", bearing the Chinese pursuit of large aircraft and the new air force expected.

"Kun China dragon" is the first large amphibious aircraft, but also in today's world in the research of a largest amphibious aircraft. In this sense, "Kun dragon" in the Zhuhai home court sits airshow appearance, is playing like Chinese aircraft.

This "Carnival" is a show of the latest achievements of China's aerospace technology stage, is also in the foreign trade exchanges and cooperation platform.

The first flight was completed in September 28th of the FTC-2000G "Condor" multi-purpose aircraft also wearing a silver dress, speeding as a flight from Guizhou to Guangdong. The opening day of the show, the main attack, both air combat and training function aircraft carried out a single foreign trade show. Afterburner takeoff, oblique loop, low level, low rolling speed, low speed and low pass small landing routes and other performances, fully show its excellent performance.

From the "China manufacturing" to "Chinese made", then to "Chinese creation", usually three changes have a Chinese characters meaning is not the usual dream road. Wonderful behind China's aerospace workers through independent innovation, and gradually mastered a large number of independent intellectual property rights of the core technology, completed a series of new technologies, new creation and new breakthrough.

The ground Sahuan "cool weapon"

For the majority of the audience to the show, the biggest satisfaction is to see in addition to "fly" weapon, but also witnessed the "run" and "usually do not with weapons.

Two years ago, the Eleventh China show "test the water" ground equipment dynamic demonstration -- let the tanks and armored vehicles in the setting of the site Sahuan ran up to the audience. Previously, the only domestic Baotou held similar "armored" activities.

Open dynamic demonstration area, let China airshow more clout with the world famous show "spell muscle, show strength".

The first day of the air show, the reporter on the scene saw the domestic foreign trade VN-17 VT-5 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and the "lynx" all terrain vehicles and other Marines staged "armored soldiers on the battlefield". Dynamic demonstration area is more than a dozen football field size, inside slope and trench barrier, the middle is a more than half a meter deep pool, arranged like the tank two "competition venues. In the approximately 45 minutes, tanks, armored assault vehicles, off-road vehicles and other equipment on site for the audience demonstrated climbing vertical slope, trench, pool, and other projects involving maneuver.

Iron rolling, high speed maneuvering, the roar of diffuse dust came VT-2 improved tear tank engine air, as if it is exposure to a realistic "war film". Wearing desert camouflage "king of the Marines with strong off-road ability to win the applause of the audience.

China ordnance industry group staff told reporters that the field climbing wading does not slow down the VT-2 improved tank is their independent research and development of the characteristics of "fist" products. It not only has high flexibility and strong off-road capability, and high protection force, stability is particularly good. In the battlefield environment close to the bold virtuoso, also with the actual performance to tell everybody, excellent performance Chinese tank.

The "lynx" family is in the "battlefield" drying out "sellers Xiuquan". At the "lynx" assault groups is smaller and lighter, has realized the car and modularization.

Move the weapon more cool! The audience feel intuitively, China marine equipment overall combat and informatization level is rising.

Show the full dimensions of the battlefield ""

Maritime unmanned boats, marine equipment, Jack, air defense early warning radar...... At the scene, reporters and spectators witnessed the "gathering of sea air and space power ordnance equipment in Zhuhai for the first time full spectrum.

In the static exhibition China weapon hall, the audience can enjoy an armored assault, air defense and anti missile firepower, intelligent ammunition field of cutting-edge marine equipment. Our independent research and manufacture of various types of foreign trade the main tank full debut, "dragon" series of guided rocket is a big attraction. Among them, with 30 years of glorious history, became far famed "red arrow" series of anti tank missiles and missile "arrow" series of stunning debut. Many professional visitors that the show reflects the high level of our army weapon equipment trade.

China shipbuilding industry group booth on various exhibits a superb collection of beautiful things, showcase the latest achievements of the enterprise. Among them, 4 fixed wing UAV and 2 rotor UAV, the maximum takeoff weight of 5 tons, the smallest only 7 kg. These very characteristics of the UAV sea, in order to solve the problem of weapon "motion sickness" provides a new idea. This is the world's leading shipbuilding enterprises participated in the first China airshow, to fill the gaps in the show "sea" in the name of the territory.

Aerospace Science and industry exhibition is "day" in the name of armed stronghold, exhibited a nearly equipment multi system of air defense, sea defense, ground attack, unmanned combat, early warning surveillance and command and communications security and support. Pavilion, a defense system against the demonstration simulation system for large screen to attract a lot of attention, the audience can interact with defense command and control system and VR experience anti UAV system. Many people are eager to experience a moment ago, the queue.

The electronic science and technology of interest "arms control", may linger in the 2 hall. There Chinese Electronic Science and technology group to create a "web of wisdom". In more than 400 exhibitors in their cutting-edge information products, with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of large phased array radar, also like buttons like little and dainty chips, there is always a will capture your heart.

Originally directed aviation equipment to senior aviation fans Li Chao, visited the pavilion after it was found that, in addition to heaven exhibition equipment, there are a lot of ground, sea weapon. The show on the "land" and "sea", "electricity" field equipment rich, took the seems shrouded super hero halo "space weapons thunder".

Have the same feeling and foreign media: "not only is the aerospace, has become an important platform to show China airshow 'Day armed power' full range weapon system."

The future war will be started in where? What kind of equipment? And perhaps is the transformation of the way of the Chinese temper line army, Chinese airshow is also under development to "defense" quietly "transformation era". (Fu Malin Wang Shexing Li Jianwen)

(commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanzhi (Intern), Huang Zijuan)