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Soldiers at the beginning of the growth of direct recruits shooting training

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 The centralized organization recruits were shooting training. Photo by Zhang Yujun
The centralized organization recruits were shooting training. Photo by Zhang Yujun

138479.xyz Beijing in November 9, recently, Beijing Armed Police Corps Corps fourteenth brigade training according to the new plan, the organization of more than 200 recruits for shooting training, despite the chilly wind off the wind sand diffuse in the playground, the touch of olive green is still threatening, without fear of the cold. On the playground, and one of them, a cavity blood full of youthful spirit morale, no less.

It is understood that this year for new recruits, "after 00" Has become the main boot camp". The next day, they will have an empty gun for two weeks at sight, the cumulative number of more than 15000 times, are eligible to participate in the examination, can be first firing after passing the assessment.

The average daily target of more than 2000 times, especially in the first three days of sight exercise, every time at a distance of one hundred meters from the target, they will find the target target in five seconds and pulled the trigger, but also to all eyes staring at the target for three minutes. The training of backbone Zhang Biao vivid metaphor: "the new recruits to the fist big bull as basketball is so successful."

Wind in the playground off the dust weather over, strengthen the difficulty for the shooting training recruits. However, in the face of the lower temperature and strict training, these "00" after the new soldiers said that although the face is never experienced a difficult environment, also did not expect to hand sevenpounder heavy bombs continue to repeat the same action in cold conditions. But only after the experience can really feel this is a heavy gift, in which the "bitter" happy, "tired" also progress, can only use one word to describe the "value".

These "after 00" recruits face still young, but they look serious, revealing a unyielding effort, after nearly two months of military training, the young "after 00" after the quasi recruits has gradually grown into a qualified military personnel, is shouldering the motherland gives their divine mission. (Zhao Xianglei Zhang Yujun)

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