Macao joint anti-terrorism exercise to enhance the ability to deal with emergency

In November 2018 09, 09:09 source: The Xinhua News Agency

In November 8th, Macao was named "lassie" joint anti-terrorism exercise, this is the people's Liberation Army troops stationed in Macao and Macao security system held the first joint anti-terrorism military exercises.

The exercise by the Macao police department in conjunction with the people's Liberation Army troops stationed in Macao, and coordinate with the customs, public security police, judicial police, fire bureau, Health Bureau, bureau of news and Sports Development Bureau and other departments of. The exercise process smoothly, to achieve the desired effect.

Exercise lasted about two hours, a total of more than 900 personnel in the simulation of terrorist attacks and hostage incident involving chemical weapons and radioactive weapons in large public places, including wounding, holding a lot of ideas hostage, chemical air pollution and use of radioactive explosives and sea chasing a number of simulated plot suspects.

The Macao garrison chief of staff Zhu Anping said, the participating troops, to further strengthen the security system of Macao and professional exchanges and pragmatic cooperation, is conducive to further enhance mutual understanding and friendship, but also conducive to further improve the ability to deal with all kinds of security threats garrison.

The police administration said that this exercise is to strengthen the cooperation mechanism between the police and Australian troops in the emergency, fast docking, enhance the professional knowledge of the frontline units command and coordination ability, personnel and counter terrorist attack ability, and strengthen the information reporting mechanism. After the response to the latest situation, continued through various exercises, Macao maintained a good public security environment, protect the safety of the lives and property of residents and tourists. (Wang Chenxi Xing Chao)

(commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanzhi (Intern), Huang Zijuan)