The United States Department of state, deeply disturbed by the deployment of S-300 system in Syria

In November 2018 09, 09:11 source: Global network

According to the Russian news agency quoted the Syria satellite special representative Geoffrey said, the United States of Russia is deeply disturbed in the S-300 air defense missile system deployed in the territory of Syria.

Geoffrey said: "we are deeply disturbed by the deployment of S-300 system in Syria. The question is, who is going to control these systems, they will play what role. "

Geoffrey pointed out that after the Russian military and Israel Syria Israeli air strike target event contact. He said: "we hope that this approach can continue. "

On September 17th, Israeli warplanes raid Syria target during the Russian air defense system Syria mistakenly shot down a Ilyushin -20 reconnaissance aircraft, 15 Russian soldiers were killed on the machine. Russia believes that the tragedy of responsibility in israel.

In response, Moscow decided S-300 air defense missile system to Damascus.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said on the 9 March 24, Russia will provide to the government of Syria in the S-300 air defense missile system, automatic control system and electronic warfare support, in order to improve the combat capability of Syrian army air defense. Shoigu said that Russia in 2013 had the Israeli request to suspend S-300 supply to Syria, but now the situation changes.

Russian Defense Minister also pointed out that if Syria was again from the direction of the attack, electronic warfare forces of the Russian ambassador to Syria will attack on satellite navigation signal, the aircraft communication system and implementation of airborne radar suppression.

Shoigu said that these measures to ensure that the Russian security forces in syria.

Shoigu said in October 2nd, Russia has delivered to Syria S-300 system 4 launch vehicles and other equipment. Russia plans to complete the operation training of soldiers in Syria within 3 months.

(commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanzhi (Intern), Huang Zijuan)